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Estate Planning

Millette Law LLC provides a holistic approach to estate planning. Rather than preparing ad-hoc documents by request, Laurel will first meet with you to determine what type of plan and accompanying documents are both needed and appropriate for your situation. Prior to the first meeting, she may request some background information from you in order to prepare a first work session that is more tailored to your individual situation.

At the first estate planning meeting, time will initially be spent in addressing your concerns and identifying your overall goals and objectives. Next Laurel will work with you to create a plan and accompanying documents to best achieve those goals. In addition to standard legal documents such as wills, revocable trusts, durable powers of attorney and health care proxies, clients are also given the opportunity to fund their trusts during their lifetime, or to prepare ethical wills or other letters of instructions to fiduciaries, family members and friends. For higher net worth clients who are concerned about the potential for estate tax liability, Laurel will discuss the suitability and advisability of more sophisticated estate tax planning techniques which may include the use of irrevocable trusts and other estate tax planning vehicles.

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Estate And Trust Administration

With regard to estate and trust administration, every estate has different and unique characteristics, dynamics, and action items. Laurel works closely with the Personal Representative(s) and/or the Trustee(s) to create a tailored approach to each estate or trust administration representation.

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Family Advisory Services

Family Advisory Services are offered to a limited number of high net worth clients in need of advice and counsel to help identify, build, and coordinate a team of advisors, and to provide ongoing guidance in finding optimal ways to pursue philanthropic or other personal and financial goals and commitments. Family Advisory Services was born of Laurel’s multidisciplinary background in finance, law, and accounting, and is an entirely custom-tailored representation - typically on an annual fee basis.

When serving in her role as a Family Advisor, Laurel will offer ongoing advice, counsel, screening services, advisor referral services, due diligence and review services, but she will not participate in the drafting or preparation of any legal documents nor will she serve in her traditional role as the estate planning attorney for the client. Rather she will act as the family’s trusted advisor, assisting in the creation and coordination of a larger team of advisors which may include such professionals as CPA’s, estate planning attorneys, corporate attorneys, wealth managers, insurance advisors, valuation experts, real estate advisors and so forth, dependent upon the specific needs of the client family.

The overriding goal of Family Advisory Services is the achievement of client identified goals in areas such as philanthropy, wealth management, family wealth transfer, business succession planning, and income and estate tax planning - areas which are all necessarily interwoven. By creating a multidisciplinary team to assist the family, with Laurel serving as the coordinator and as an independent advisor to the family, the client - through increased expertise, efficiency, and effectiveness - can enjoy the ultimate goal of peace of mind.

Elder Law/Long-Term Care Planning

Advice regarding Medicaid eligibility, protecting homes, planning for the aging process, and long-term care planning are not currently offered by Millette Law LLC, but referrals in these practice areas are available upon request.

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